5 Amazing Tips Every Photographer Need to Follow

If photography is your passion, and striving to enhance your photography skills, look no more.

Today, you will learn some amazing tips to capture like a pro. Can’t believe? Then, keep reading to learn something new today.

1. Hold The Correct Lens:

You must be aware of different types of lenses, like telephoto, macro, and fish eyes. Each one of them captures the subject in different way and hence photography results vary with every lens. For portrait photos where every minute detail is essential, use a telephoto lens. For landscape photos where wide angle is needed to capture as much as possible, use wide angle lenses to cover almost everything around your subject. Professional Photographer in India

Hold The Correct Lens | Fashion Photographer

Tip: No matter which lens you use, you need to play with different focal lengths by physically moving the lend closer or further to you for capturing the best shot.

2. Understand & Control Field:

The depth and clarity of photo are controlled by three vital elements- focal length, aperture and physical distance from subject. With a wide aperture of f/2.8 you will have less depth of field and thus target subject will be blurred. Whereas a narrow aperture of f/22 allows less light and greater depth making everything clear and in focus and hence perfect for landscape photos. On the other hand, portrait photographs where focus is only on target subject, look better in less depth of field.

Control Point Photography | Model Photographer

Tip: If you’ve ever noticed in professional photographs, only few things are in focus while other things are blurred. Consider camera as the human visual system. As when we focus on one object, rest of the things are out  of focus, same way you need to work with the camera. Person looking at your photo should be drawn to the sharp focus on the target subject .

3.Be Clear With Composition

Composition of shots can be done in two ways: rule of thirds and power quadrants.

In the rule of thirds, imagine your frame is split into nine rectangles. There are two sets each for horizontal and vertical lines. Four points are made by the crossing of these lines. Now if you put your target subject within these four points, it will look more compelling. Coming to power quadrants, here you need to place the subject in any of the four quadrants. This helps to make the subject more interesting. India’s Best Fashion Photographer

Clear Composition | Professional Photographer

4.Point Of View Matters:

Every photographer has a certain thought behind every capture. Now depending upon this thought the angle of taking a photo changes.   Basically different angles lend a different feel or mood to the image and hence the appeal of the subject is also influenced in the photograph.

Point of View | Fashion Photographer in India

For instance, to give more importance to a flying bird, you need to take it’s photograph from a lower position and by angling your lens up towards the subject. But if you don’t want to make the bird center of attraction in the picture, capture it from a higher angle with your lend pointing down at it. Top 3 Professional Business Who Need Professional Photographers

Tip: For humanizing the subject, shoot it with your lens at the same height as the object, pointing directly towards it without moving your lens up or down. It brings an interesting effect. Try it.

5. Impact of Light:

The way you capture the subject in relation to light make a big difference to image. Let’s understand this with an example. If light is coming from the back and it is not blocked on its path to the subject, this helps to brighten up the object. In case light is hitting directly on you or at your camera with your subject in between, it will silhouette the object. This is every photo has a different mood. Even if the light source is same, you can bring variation to photo by taking your camera to different positions. Model Photographer in India

Impact of Light | Professional Photographer in India

Types of light that bring dramatic changes to photo include:

  1. Direct Light– pointing straight at your subject.
  2. Side light– light at an angle of left or right with respect to your subject.
  3. Reflected Light– light source that reflects the light back towards the subject and making it spread more.
  4. Filtered light– Light which is diffused like the sunlight after passing through clouds.

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