5 Professional Tips Photographer Should Know While Working With Model

Being a photographer you must be aware of some basics before you capture your model. You will learn about lenses and how to use them to shoot the model from different angels in various photography books and workshops. But there is something else that you need to know about model photography which might not be useful in landscaping or static objects photography. Affordable Fashion Photographer for Ecommerce

If you keep wondering how photographers are able to capture the perfect look and feel of the model, then we will help you refine you skills today. We are bringing to you expert tips and suggestions to photograph the most wonderful creatures on this planet, we call human beings.

1. Get the right model

With every shoot you have certain expectations. Be clear about what end product you are expecting thinking of everything right from the theme, concept, to story behind the shoot. Keeping these things in mind finalize the model which can effortlessly help you to execute your pre-defined theme. This way it is lot easier for you as well as the model to produce the intended outcome. For instance, a cute model with petite stature won’t look good for a badass biker-themed shoot.

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2. Be clear about shoot concept

Most of the fashion editorial shoots run on the basis of a certain theme of concept. So it becomes really essential that every model of the shoot is aware of the essence of your theme. Brief them about the tone, theme and mood of the shoot clearly and descriptively before you press that shutter release button. Give them every detail whether the shoot will be dark and dramatic or light and relaxed. This helps models a lot to pose in the desired way and hence your job gets easier. Professional Ecommerce Photographer

Fashion Photography Concept | Professional Photographer

3. Constant direction & feedback

Though you have given them the brief about the theme of the shoot, but your job doesn’t end here. You need to communicate and connect with the model throughout the shoot to shoot the best picture. Constant direction will help them to reach the point of perfection while the constant feedback will help to keep the model  on the track. Tell them when they are wrong and why but don’t forget to appreciate them when they are totally in sync with the theme. It will keep them motivated to complete the shoot in mood.

Constant direction Photography | Fashion Photographer

4. High energy & regular breaks

You need to keep yourself in the high energy to keep everyone else involved in the shoot enthusiastic and driven towards the work.  Light hearted jokes, small talks in between and short break can give you and your crew positive vibes throughout the shoot. Don’t  forget no shoot is great unless people behind it have a good flow of communication. So make sure everyone from the makeup artist, hair stylist to the model, all are enjoying the shoot and not just forced to work. Professional Business Who Need Professional Photography

Highly Energy Break | Fashion Photography

5. Don’t miss candid shots

Take it from me, best shoots are when your model stops posing. While your model is getting ready, simply sitting, having a cup of coffee or strolling along the beach, you might miss his or her best shot. So keep your eyes wide open and camera ready to not miss the natural and most beautiful pose of the day. If most of your time goes in forcing the models to pose in a certain way, then you definitely need to take this point seriously.

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