Best ever photography tips by Professional Fashion Photographer

I hope you’ve heard about the popular fashion and editorial photographer, Adriana Curico. The quality of her work has bestowed her with worldwide popularity and this you can come to know by a look at her portfolios. Professional Fashion Photographer in India

You will be excited to know that she has shared some useful tips for all the promising photographers out there struggling to make a name in the industry. Amazingly, her tips are not technically centered. In fact, she talks about every single and small detailing that makes a big difference to you picture.

Excited to know?  Let’s explore then.

1. Prepare & Over Prepare

A perfect shoot comes only with hardcore preparations. Before you walk out on the set, be clear about the idea what you want to create, how and with which elements you want to play. She has a pile of books on lighting, hair, makeup, posing,  editing, styling and so on to become completely absorbed in the profession. While going the stack of books, a concept clicks to mind instantly and it becomes easy to develop the same in your pictures.

Prepare & Over Prepare | Fashion Photographer in Delhi

2. Work on Concept

All the persons involved in the shoot right from hair stylish, makeup artist to the lightening man, you need to be involved with each and every person. There should be a smooth flow of communication between you all to make sure all of you are well-versed with essence of the concept and capture it beautifully. Easy execution of concept is possible when not only photographer but other people related to shoot are thinking on the same line. Model Photographer in India

Photography Concept | Fashion Photographer in Delhi

3. Move as much is possible

Shoot it from the right, shoot it from the left, and then shoot it from every angle possible. This is how you can get the unexpected, unique and most beautiful images. Break the monotony of shooting only from particular angle. Be open and free to move on the set till you get that wow image on your camera. Keep your model moving and posing in different angles too to bring variety on the table.


4. Don’t wait, create it

Though models don’t need direction most of the times. But, you certainly can’t wait to get the desired image on its own. You need to create it by giving the right and constant direction to the model. Also, it is possible your model is not clear about your concept, so you need to convey what’s going in your mind by suggesting the right poses and creating the right mood for the perfect capture.

Model Photography | Model Photographer in Delhi

5. Go break the rules

Whosoever has said, rules are meant to be broken was absolutely right. Not every day you need to go through the rule book of photography. Sometimes you need to go bold and break the rules to create something of your own. Experimenting is the key to success. Put on high contrast, and give dramatic lighting to see how it works for your shoot. Go break and bend the rules to keep surprising yourself. 5 Amazing Tips Every Photographer Need to Follow

Photography Rule Break | Model Photographer in Delhi


6. Don’t stop the shooting

Yes, once you are on the set, you need to be ever ready for a shoot even when your model is not. You never know when the best pose is going to come from your model. And the best images are those which are not planned. So keep yourself and your camera always ready to shoot every single pose by your model. Capturing the natural poses is not easy and they are rare. So, you need to be on shooting mode for as longer as you can.


7. Be confident about your work

Unless you believe in your work, no one else will. You need to be confident about your concepts and creativity. Tell them proudly to the person on the set so that they can be clear and as much confident about your idea as you are. Then only some magic can be created in your shoot. If you lack confidence in your concept, it will reflect in your images as well. So trust yourself and you will get the favorite images.

Confident Photographer | Professional photographer


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