Why Online Business Required Professional Photographer?

Every time your website gets a visitor, you have the chance of turning it into your customer. But how? When there are so many options available online, why a visitor on your website will choose you? There has to be something different about your website that makes him buy from you over other competitors. It sounds difficult, but is certainly not impossible. Hire India’s Best Product Photographer

Visitors Into Sale | Professional Photographer

As in online shopping, a customer can’t touch and feel the products, so you need to make him understand how your product will enrich his lifestyle through images. For instance, if sell watches, then use a model to show how a watch will look on wrist from different angles. You can even take a close look of watch to let the customer have a better understanding about the minute features of watch. If your images are able to convince the viewer, then only he will buy from your website.

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So in order to convince the viewers on your website, get the high resolution images from professional photographers. You must have heard of commercial photography under which professionals work to stand out your product. They specialize in product photography and hence can help to market your product better online. They have knowledge about what works where in product photography, and hence can give you a perfect product portfolio for online as well as offline marketing. India’s Top Fashion Photographer

Product Photography | Professional Photographer

Some see hiring a professional as a big expense, but actually it is a rewarding, one time investment that will pay you really well in future. Taking his services will help to enrich customer’s online shopping experience on your website.

Now since you are shelling out a good amount of money for commercial photography, it is important that you don’t spend it on amateurs one. Only professionals can enhance even the minute details of your product with perfection. They have spent years in learning the skills of product photography and thus know which lighting, angle and space can work the best for your products. Top 3 Professional Business Who Need Professional Photographers

product photographer | Commercial Product Photographer

For those who don’t have an idea about which equipment, or setup will help to take the best professional looking product photos, then don’t panic. Take the help of a professional who has prior experiences in your specific industry. These days commercial photographers have portfolios which can help you to analyze to what extent he or she can help you. Consider the number of years he has spent in photography, years of experience he has in this field and types of brands he has worked with.

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This will give you confidence that you are investing on the right candidate once you see he has the potential to work for your company. Further discuss with the photographer about what you expect from his work and what is the  main reason you are hiring him, like for brand identity, brand reimaging or solely for marketing.


How Product Photography affect Sales?

With the digitalization of world, eCommerce businesses are increasing at a sky-scraping rate. But selling online has become a challenges in such a bottleneck competition. The biggest problem faced by brands these days is to create an online experience for their target customer that can drive sales. Professional Product Photographer

Increase eCommerce Sale | Product Photographer

Proven solution to this common problem is professional photography. But how could photography helps in increasing the conversion rate?

To understand this, let’s explore commercial photography in detail. The most important aspect of photographs taken by professional lies in their quality. They convince the customers with visual appeals to such an extent that he agrees to buy it online, a platform where there is no facility to touch or feel the product. Thus, you can imagine the power of commercial photography in drawing the customers and making them buy products from online portals.

Product Photographer | Professional Photographer

The biggest challenge that lies in front of online retailers is giving satisfaction to the online buyers that they are buying the right product. Buyers want to know whether the product is worth money or not, which is measured on various parameters like the quality, size, shape, design and price. Second major challenge for online retailers is beating the competition. As there are thousands of competitors online in the business that a potential buyer can access easily on the internet, it becomes hard to sell products. India’s Top Fashion Photographer

Under such scenarios, professional photography comes into picture. It has become a powerful tool for various businesses to not just pull traffic to their websites, but to increase the click through rates. The buying behavioral change has been seen in customers and thus you can’t fool them anymore with lucrative prices or too-good-to-be real deal. Now, a professional, well organized and appealing website is what customers consider for investing their time and money.

Increase Website Traffic | Professional Photographer

If they are impressed by the quality of images and portfolio of the production collection, then they are more likely to place an order on such website, in comparison to one with the low quality images. Basically what happens is good product photography creates an impression on the buyer that the seller is genuine and reliable. In some way it helps to communicate the positive aspects about the company to the buyers. Essential steps for eCommerce website photography

Professional Product Photographer | eCommerce Photographer

Moreover, the precise details of the fabric texture, color, design and style can be clearly conveyed to the buyers through quality pictures only. If the buyer can’t get enough knowledge of the product through the image on your website, then it will be soon out of the competition. No one has the time to go through long information posted on the website about your product, what matters is the self-explanatory image that emphasize its striking features. All this can be best done by a professional photographer who has the knowledge and skills to make your products saleable.

Fashion Photography: How to Take most stylish photos

Fashion photography is beyond the stylish clothes and fancy makeup. A whole knowledge of lighting, exposure, posing and composition is required to get the most impressive photos which are worth printing in a fashion magazine or showcasing online.

Fashion Photography | Best Fashion Photographer

There will always be something challenging for you in any field and in case of fashion photography it is a set of things-exposure, lighting and composition. All the three elements need to be used with perfection to bring life to the model and his or her clothing. By the end of the article, you will have the necessary information to shoot amazing fashion photographs that capture the look of the model and feel of the set effortlessly. Everything right from the studio shoot, to location photography, everything you will learn here to get an expertise in fashion photography. Professional Fashion Photographer in India

Basics of Fashion Photography

Starting with the basics of the fashion photography, you need to know how to operate the digital camera in the manual mode. Many photographers find it really easy to shoot fashion models since they barely move and even if they do, it would be on the demand of the photographer. So it is really easy to focus on them and capture them in the desired position, mood and feel. Fashion photography can be done either indoors i.e. in a studio or outdoors i.e. external environment that suits the theme of your photography. In outdoor shoot, camera adjustment is really important.

Photography Camera | Product Photographer

It is a myth that huge lighting rig is needed to take awesome fashion photographs. If you are a professional photographer but has a limited budget, you can still take good photos with just one light source and two reflectors.

Fashion Photography Equipment

A hi-end kit is not necessary to shoot the fashion photography, but a premium grade digital camera certainly helps you. It is really important to own a quality DSLR camera unless you are shooting for some random apparel retail stores. No need to say fashion photographers need high resolution images, and thus you digital camera’s megapixel counts here. Though some of the fashion photographers still stick to film, but a good DSLR camera outperforms all film cameras provided that you have picked the right lens.

Tripod | Product Photography

Talking about the lens, it depends upon what kind of photographer you are. If you are a landscape fashion photographer, always put your zoom lends and choose a wide to medium angle telephoto lens which can be adjusted anywhere between 15-55 millimeters. For fashion photography, good lenses fall in the category of 18-55, 17-40 and 16-50, all with fast aperture for dark or low light shoots. Further, there must be 50mm fixed focal length of the lens. Best Model Photographer in India

If you are just beginning your career as the fashion photographer, you need not invest in additional flash equipment. Even a pair of 500 watt halogen lights and two reflects can do good for lighting.

Fashion Photography Techniques

Like many fashion photographer, it is smart enough to keep the lens of your camera in automatic focus while shooting indoors. This is so because the distance between camera and the model is constant usually throughout the shoot. Also, automatic focus is more accurate as compared to the manual control. Most of the times, you can stick to the same ISO, aperture settings, and shutter speed. Not only this, you can also allow your camera to manage the exposure. India’s Best Professional Photographer

Fashion Photography | Professional Fashion Photographer


Last but not the least, lighting is another important factor other than aperture and focus. If you don’t have the best lighting, even your DSLR camera can’t help you in capturing the quality photos. So, learn how to configure the lighting to get great photos.

Overall, fashion photography is a demanding profession but it is rewarding one too if you have the creative talent to standout your photos.

Essential things for professional product photography

In the current era of globalization, ecommerce portal is one such thing which has a priority for majority of businesses. Quality and reliability of any online business are reflected in the photos of products on the ecommerce site.

How well your website is designed and the clarity of picture on the site together determine the success rate of an ecommerce portal. This is why people invest in professional photographers to get the best of pictures for their websites. These experts produce beautiful, high quality pictures in order to help the business grow. Ecommerce Photography Services Provider

Since the sales factor is involved in product photography, a whole sense of responsibility comes on the shoulders of a photographer. You would be dealing not just with the aesthetics of the product, but your photos would be telling whether there will be conversion or no sales at all. This factor is quite crucial for the product photographers who are dealing with giant market players like Amazon or Pinterest where your product photos will be directly in competition with the product photos by other food product photographers, or electronic photographers.

Product Photography | Professional Photographer

Don’t feel nervous when such opportunity come your way. You just need to be prepared to make the best use of the golden chance. Good product photography is often expensive since there are many tools are involved in it to get the best pictures from your camera. But, if you have a collaboration with a small business or startup who can’t afford you these tools, don’t panic. Even if your budget is tight to deliver great results in product photography, try the following DIY tips.

They are not too hard and comes under your budget. These tips are meant to cover the wide range of products like food, electronics, apparel, beauty and more. It covers essential gears that you need for a photography setup.

1. Camera

It is not essential that you need DSLR Nikon D800 camera worth $27956, with a 105mm lens of worth $740 to produce the world-class pictures. If you know the right technique you can create stunning photos even from the smartphone. But, if you have the budget to invest in the new camera system for product photography, then go through the guide before to choose the right camera. Top Product Photographer in India

Photography Camera | Product Photographer

Remember it’s not just camera that makes you picture, but a series of choices you make for lighting, exposure, styling and post processing.

2. Tripod

It is a stand to set the camera to a small aperture to have the most depth of the field your camera can allow. When the camera has slow shutter, it becomes difficult to hold the camera and image becomes blurry. Now, for the tripod you again need not to spend the hefty amount. You can find something reasonable on Amazon or other such site, where a good tripod can be obtained under the budget of $20.

Tripod | Product Photography

3. White background

White background is a must for product photography. Those who shoot a lot, they should go for a white sweep from the local photography store. If there is no good photography store near you, search for a frame from the art store. Else, get the thinnest white board of desire dimension from the frame shop. 5 Amazing Tips Every Photographer Need to Follow

Product Photography | Professional Photographer

Best ever photography tips by Professional Fashion Photographer

I hope you’ve heard about the popular fashion and editorial photographer, Adriana Curico. The quality of her work has bestowed her with worldwide popularity and this you can come to know by a look at her portfolios. Professional Fashion Photographer in India

You will be excited to know that she has shared some useful tips for all the promising photographers out there struggling to make a name in the industry. Amazingly, her tips are not technically centered. In fact, she talks about every single and small detailing that makes a big difference to you picture.

Excited to know?  Let’s explore then.

1. Prepare & Over Prepare

A perfect shoot comes only with hardcore preparations. Before you walk out on the set, be clear about the idea what you want to create, how and with which elements you want to play. She has a pile of books on lighting, hair, makeup, posing,  editing, styling and so on to become completely absorbed in the profession. While going the stack of books, a concept clicks to mind instantly and it becomes easy to develop the same in your pictures.

Prepare & Over Prepare | Fashion Photographer in Delhi

2. Work on Concept

All the persons involved in the shoot right from hair stylish, makeup artist to the lightening man, you need to be involved with each and every person. There should be a smooth flow of communication between you all to make sure all of you are well-versed with essence of the concept and capture it beautifully. Easy execution of concept is possible when not only photographer but other people related to shoot are thinking on the same line. Model Photographer in India

Photography Concept | Fashion Photographer in Delhi

3. Move as much is possible

Shoot it from the right, shoot it from the left, and then shoot it from every angle possible. This is how you can get the unexpected, unique and most beautiful images. Break the monotony of shooting only from particular angle. Be open and free to move on the set till you get that wow image on your camera. Keep your model moving and posing in different angles too to bring variety on the table.


4. Don’t wait, create it

Though models don’t need direction most of the times. But, you certainly can’t wait to get the desired image on its own. You need to create it by giving the right and constant direction to the model. Also, it is possible your model is not clear about your concept, so you need to convey what’s going in your mind by suggesting the right poses and creating the right mood for the perfect capture.

Model Photography | Model Photographer in Delhi

5. Go break the rules

Whosoever has said, rules are meant to be broken was absolutely right. Not every day you need to go through the rule book of photography. Sometimes you need to go bold and break the rules to create something of your own. Experimenting is the key to success. Put on high contrast, and give dramatic lighting to see how it works for your shoot. Go break and bend the rules to keep surprising yourself. 5 Amazing Tips Every Photographer Need to Follow

Photography Rule Break | Model Photographer in Delhi


6. Don’t stop the shooting

Yes, once you are on the set, you need to be ever ready for a shoot even when your model is not. You never know when the best pose is going to come from your model. And the best images are those which are not planned. So keep yourself and your camera always ready to shoot every single pose by your model. Capturing the natural poses is not easy and they are rare. So, you need to be on shooting mode for as longer as you can.


7. Be confident about your work

Unless you believe in your work, no one else will. You need to be confident about your concepts and creativity. Tell them proudly to the person on the set so that they can be clear and as much confident about your idea as you are. Then only some magic can be created in your shoot. If you lack confidence in your concept, it will reflect in your images as well. So trust yourself and you will get the favorite images.

Confident Photographer | Professional photographer