How Product Photography affect Sales?

With the digitalization of world, eCommerce businesses are increasing at a sky-scraping rate. But selling online has become a challenges in such a bottleneck competition. The biggest problem faced by brands these days is to create an online experience for their target customer that can drive sales. Professional Product Photographer

Increase eCommerce Sale | Product Photographer

Proven solution to this common problem is professional photography. But how could photography helps in increasing the conversion rate?

To understand this, let’s explore commercial photography in detail. The most important aspect of photographs taken by professional lies in their quality. They convince the customers with visual appeals to such an extent that he agrees to buy it online, a platform where there is no facility to touch or feel the product. Thus, you can imagine the power of commercial photography in drawing the customers and making them buy products from online portals.

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The biggest challenge that lies in front of online retailers is giving satisfaction to the online buyers that they are buying the right product. Buyers want to know whether the product is worth money or not, which is measured on various parameters like the quality, size, shape, design and price. Second major challenge for online retailers is beating the competition. As there are thousands of competitors online in the business that a potential buyer can access easily on the internet, it becomes hard to sell products. India’s Top Fashion Photographer

Under such scenarios, professional photography comes into picture. It has become a powerful tool for various businesses to not just pull traffic to their websites, but to increase the click through rates. The buying behavioral change has been seen in customers and thus you can’t fool them anymore with lucrative prices or too-good-to-be real deal. Now, a professional, well organized and appealing website is what customers consider for investing their time and money.

Increase Website Traffic | Professional Photographer

If they are impressed by the quality of images and portfolio of the production collection, then they are more likely to place an order on such website, in comparison to one with the low quality images. Basically what happens is good product photography creates an impression on the buyer that the seller is genuine and reliable. In some way it helps to communicate the positive aspects about the company to the buyers. Essential steps for eCommerce website photography

Professional Product Photographer | eCommerce Photographer

Moreover, the precise details of the fabric texture, color, design and style can be clearly conveyed to the buyers through quality pictures only. If the buyer can’t get enough knowledge of the product through the image on your website, then it will be soon out of the competition. No one has the time to go through long information posted on the website about your product, what matters is the self-explanatory image that emphasize its striking features. All this can be best done by a professional photographer who has the knowledge and skills to make your products saleable.


Fashion Photography: How to Take most stylish photos

Fashion photography is beyond the stylish clothes and fancy makeup. A whole knowledge of lighting, exposure, posing and composition is required to get the most impressive photos which are worth printing in a fashion magazine or showcasing online.

Fashion Photography | Best Fashion Photographer

There will always be something challenging for you in any field and in case of fashion photography it is a set of things-exposure, lighting and composition. All the three elements need to be used with perfection to bring life to the model and his or her clothing. By the end of the article, you will have the necessary information to shoot amazing fashion photographs that capture the look of the model and feel of the set effortlessly. Everything right from the studio shoot, to location photography, everything you will learn here to get an expertise in fashion photography. Professional Fashion Photographer in India

Basics of Fashion Photography

Starting with the basics of the fashion photography, you need to know how to operate the digital camera in the manual mode. Many photographers find it really easy to shoot fashion models since they barely move and even if they do, it would be on the demand of the photographer. So it is really easy to focus on them and capture them in the desired position, mood and feel. Fashion photography can be done either indoors i.e. in a studio or outdoors i.e. external environment that suits the theme of your photography. In outdoor shoot, camera adjustment is really important.

Photography Camera | Product Photographer

It is a myth that huge lighting rig is needed to take awesome fashion photographs. If you are a professional photographer but has a limited budget, you can still take good photos with just one light source and two reflectors.

Fashion Photography Equipment

A hi-end kit is not necessary to shoot the fashion photography, but a premium grade digital camera certainly helps you. It is really important to own a quality DSLR camera unless you are shooting for some random apparel retail stores. No need to say fashion photographers need high resolution images, and thus you digital camera’s megapixel counts here. Though some of the fashion photographers still stick to film, but a good DSLR camera outperforms all film cameras provided that you have picked the right lens.

Tripod | Product Photography

Talking about the lens, it depends upon what kind of photographer you are. If you are a landscape fashion photographer, always put your zoom lends and choose a wide to medium angle telephoto lens which can be adjusted anywhere between 15-55 millimeters. For fashion photography, good lenses fall in the category of 18-55, 17-40 and 16-50, all with fast aperture for dark or low light shoots. Further, there must be 50mm fixed focal length of the lens. Best Model Photographer in India

If you are just beginning your career as the fashion photographer, you need not invest in additional flash equipment. Even a pair of 500 watt halogen lights and two reflects can do good for lighting.

Fashion Photography Techniques

Like many fashion photographer, it is smart enough to keep the lens of your camera in automatic focus while shooting indoors. This is so because the distance between camera and the model is constant usually throughout the shoot. Also, automatic focus is more accurate as compared to the manual control. Most of the times, you can stick to the same ISO, aperture settings, and shutter speed. Not only this, you can also allow your camera to manage the exposure. India’s Best Professional Photographer

Fashion Photography | Professional Fashion Photographer


Last but not the least, lighting is another important factor other than aperture and focus. If you don’t have the best lighting, even your DSLR camera can’t help you in capturing the quality photos. So, learn how to configure the lighting to get great photos.

Overall, fashion photography is a demanding profession but it is rewarding one too if you have the creative talent to standout your photos.

5 Professional Tips Photographer Should Know While Working With Model

Being a photographer you must be aware of some basics before you capture your model. You will learn about lenses and how to use them to shoot the model from different angels in various photography books and workshops. But there is something else that you need to know about model photography which might not be useful in landscaping or static objects photography. Affordable Fashion Photographer for Ecommerce

If you keep wondering how photographers are able to capture the perfect look and feel of the model, then we will help you refine you skills today. We are bringing to you expert tips and suggestions to photograph the most wonderful creatures on this planet, we call human beings.

1. Get the right model

With every shoot you have certain expectations. Be clear about what end product you are expecting thinking of everything right from the theme, concept, to story behind the shoot. Keeping these things in mind finalize the model which can effortlessly help you to execute your pre-defined theme. This way it is lot easier for you as well as the model to produce the intended outcome. For instance, a cute model with petite stature won’t look good for a badass biker-themed shoot.

Model Photographer | Best Model Photographer


2. Be clear about shoot concept

Most of the fashion editorial shoots run on the basis of a certain theme of concept. So it becomes really essential that every model of the shoot is aware of the essence of your theme. Brief them about the tone, theme and mood of the shoot clearly and descriptively before you press that shutter release button. Give them every detail whether the shoot will be dark and dramatic or light and relaxed. This helps models a lot to pose in the desired way and hence your job gets easier. Professional Ecommerce Photographer

Fashion Photography Concept | Professional Photographer

3. Constant direction & feedback

Though you have given them the brief about the theme of the shoot, but your job doesn’t end here. You need to communicate and connect with the model throughout the shoot to shoot the best picture. Constant direction will help them to reach the point of perfection while the constant feedback will help to keep the model  on the track. Tell them when they are wrong and why but don’t forget to appreciate them when they are totally in sync with the theme. It will keep them motivated to complete the shoot in mood.

Constant direction Photography | Fashion Photographer

4. High energy & regular breaks

You need to keep yourself in the high energy to keep everyone else involved in the shoot enthusiastic and driven towards the work.  Light hearted jokes, small talks in between and short break can give you and your crew positive vibes throughout the shoot. Don’t  forget no shoot is great unless people behind it have a good flow of communication. So make sure everyone from the makeup artist, hair stylist to the model, all are enjoying the shoot and not just forced to work. Professional Business Who Need Professional Photography

Highly Energy Break | Fashion Photography

5. Don’t miss candid shots

Take it from me, best shoots are when your model stops posing. While your model is getting ready, simply sitting, having a cup of coffee or strolling along the beach, you might miss his or her best shot. So keep your eyes wide open and camera ready to not miss the natural and most beautiful pose of the day. If most of your time goes in forcing the models to pose in a certain way, then you definitely need to take this point seriously.

Candid Photography | Candid Photographer In Delhi


5 Best Tips for Model Photographer to Capture Killer Photographs

There is a whole sense of responsibility while doing model photography. As a photographer you need to do complete justification with the strong features of the model, while hiding the weak ones. Capturing the person in the most natural and effortless manner is not easy as it sounds. Sometimes you don’t get a perfect landscape to shoot, other times light or weather is not good.

While struggling with all these factors, how can you picture your model beautifully? Don’t worry we’ve some great tips to help you out and become a pro in model photography.

1. Get Friendly With The Subject:

Before you start adjusting the lens, make sure model is comfortable with you. Though most of the models are friendly with the camera, still you need to build a smooth two-flow communication with him/her to capture the best. Have a long conversation, get to know each other and then proceed to shoot. It will remove all barriers of shyness, awkwardness, hesitation and lack of communication between both of you. As a photographer you will be able to communicate better with the subject, which is pre-requisite to get shoots done as per your requirements. Best Model Photographer in India

Situation Friendly Photographer | Professional Photographer

2. Adjusting Lens Focal Length:

In order to get clear and high quality pictures, you need to adjust the focal length of your lens firstly. Understand what types of lens you are carrying and how you can use it to your advantage. Good news is for photographers carrying a digital camera with the standard kit. It is a superb tool to do model photography. Those with the lens of focal length 100mm or more are even luckier.
Telephoto lenses compresses the picture and is best for portraits. Instead of constantly zooming in and out, trying moving your feet to change the positions. This way you will learn different characteristics of the focal length you are using.

Lens Focal Length Adjustment | Professional Photographer

3. Try Hand At Fast 50mm Lens:

Portrait photographs look good only with specific set of lenses. An inexpensive yet good lens is of 50mm which works great with a camera fitted with APS-C-size censor. It produces sharp pictures at really cheap prices. If you are lucky enough to find, get a second hand one. It comes with wider aperture, which is far more than the standard zoom. It means you get the power to blur the background as much you want to standout the model. Top 10 India’s Best Photographer

Ordinary Lens Vs Fast 50 Lens | Model Photographer in India

4. The magic of black & white:

Till now the black and white photos are considered as the most magical ones. If you see the history, you will find some of the best model and portrait photographers have developed their top work in black and white technique.

Black and white photography not just make an image impact, but also helps to refine your photography skills. It is much more about shape, light, composition and texture.

Black & White Photography | Model Photographer


5. Encourage Creativity:

After reading books on camera, lenses, photography and going through the work of renowned model photographers, there’s so much in your head. You need to use this knowledge and whole learning smartly. Most of the model photographers want their models to pose in a certain way, which is absolutely wrong. Every subject is different, so instead of commanding, let your subject play with the camera. Top 3 Professional Business Who Need Professional Photographers

Encourage Creativity | Model Photographer

Let your model behaves in his/her own natural way. Then only you can expect uniqueness and that wow factor in your photos.

This is how you will get the best shoot ever.

5 Amazing Tips Every Photographer Need to Follow

If photography is your passion, and striving to enhance your photography skills, look no more.

Today, you will learn some amazing tips to capture like a pro. Can’t believe? Then, keep reading to learn something new today.

1. Hold The Correct Lens:

You must be aware of different types of lenses, like telephoto, macro, and fish eyes. Each one of them captures the subject in different way and hence photography results vary with every lens. For portrait photos where every minute detail is essential, use a telephoto lens. For landscape photos where wide angle is needed to capture as much as possible, use wide angle lenses to cover almost everything around your subject. Professional Photographer in India

Hold The Correct Lens | Fashion Photographer

Tip: No matter which lens you use, you need to play with different focal lengths by physically moving the lend closer or further to you for capturing the best shot.

2. Understand & Control Field:

The depth and clarity of photo are controlled by three vital elements- focal length, aperture and physical distance from subject. With a wide aperture of f/2.8 you will have less depth of field and thus target subject will be blurred. Whereas a narrow aperture of f/22 allows less light and greater depth making everything clear and in focus and hence perfect for landscape photos. On the other hand, portrait photographs where focus is only on target subject, look better in less depth of field.

Control Point Photography | Model Photographer

Tip: If you’ve ever noticed in professional photographs, only few things are in focus while other things are blurred. Consider camera as the human visual system. As when we focus on one object, rest of the things are out  of focus, same way you need to work with the camera. Person looking at your photo should be drawn to the sharp focus on the target subject .

3.Be Clear With Composition

Composition of shots can be done in two ways: rule of thirds and power quadrants.

In the rule of thirds, imagine your frame is split into nine rectangles. There are two sets each for horizontal and vertical lines. Four points are made by the crossing of these lines. Now if you put your target subject within these four points, it will look more compelling. Coming to power quadrants, here you need to place the subject in any of the four quadrants. This helps to make the subject more interesting. India’s Best Fashion Photographer

Clear Composition | Professional Photographer

4.Point Of View Matters:

Every photographer has a certain thought behind every capture. Now depending upon this thought the angle of taking a photo changes.   Basically different angles lend a different feel or mood to the image and hence the appeal of the subject is also influenced in the photograph.

Point of View | Fashion Photographer in India

For instance, to give more importance to a flying bird, you need to take it’s photograph from a lower position and by angling your lens up towards the subject. But if you don’t want to make the bird center of attraction in the picture, capture it from a higher angle with your lend pointing down at it. Top 3 Professional Business Who Need Professional Photographers

Tip: For humanizing the subject, shoot it with your lens at the same height as the object, pointing directly towards it without moving your lens up or down. It brings an interesting effect. Try it.

5. Impact of Light:

The way you capture the subject in relation to light make a big difference to image. Let’s understand this with an example. If light is coming from the back and it is not blocked on its path to the subject, this helps to brighten up the object. In case light is hitting directly on you or at your camera with your subject in between, it will silhouette the object. This is every photo has a different mood. Even if the light source is same, you can bring variation to photo by taking your camera to different positions. Model Photographer in India

Impact of Light | Professional Photographer in India

Types of light that bring dramatic changes to photo include:

  1. Direct Light– pointing straight at your subject.
  2. Side light– light at an angle of left or right with respect to your subject.
  3. Reflected Light– light source that reflects the light back towards the subject and making it spread more.
  4. Filtered light– Light which is diffused like the sunlight after passing through clouds.